About Me

My name is Nika. I was born and raised in rural Jamaica before moving to New York in my early adolescent years. I recently moved back to New York City after living in Los Angeles for two years. By day I am a busy Attorney, and by night I am a creative soul who strongly believes in living the Irie life (see below). I am a down-to-earth woman who loves the "prettier" things in life such as fashion, art, and all things beauty related. Additionally, I am purpose-driven and know the importance of taking care of the whole person: physically, mentally and spiritually. I also value taking care of the community in the ways that I can.

The Irie Life

"Irie" is a Jamaican word that essentially means excellent, powerful and pleasing. The Irie life means living and walking in my purpose, choosing to have a positive outlook on life, spending time with the people and things that bring me joy, taking care of self and others and  developing into the woman God created me to be.

This is my space on the web to showcase what I love, my viewpoints and creativity. Welcome and enjoy!