A Pop of Red + 10 Lessons Life Taught Me About Love and Relationship

A Pop of Red

I am a romantic, thus I enjoy and look forward to Valentine's Day. This year I originally planned on wearing a Missguided dress I recently ordered (yes it's that Missguided love affair thing again) for our dinner plans, but the current polar vortex passing through NYC required a different (warmer) outfit. Although I thought my dress was perfectly classy, sexy and stylish, it was not perfectly warm, and I do not enjoy being cold.  No sir!  

I went with these olive green pants, the frayed blazer from my last look and a grey blouse. To brighten the look and pay homage to the festive weekend, I added a pop of red with a small red purse. I love using statement accessories to make my outfits pop! 

Flowers for the lady :).

Blazer: Banana Republic,sold out, similar in brown available here BlackBoots: Nine West Red Chain Purse: Olivia & Joy, similar, here  Pants: Random Brand

10 Things I Learned About Love & Relationships

  1. Love is an action word. Your daily actions can mean a lot more to your significant other than words of endearment (although those matter too!) Remember to also show your significant other how much you love and care for them.
  2. A relationship sometimes requires negotiation and compromise. Two imperfect people coming together can create friction and conflict, which will sometimes demand some give and take to make things work.
  3. Practicing self-love is one of the most important decisions you can make. Loving yourself doesn't only affect your relationship with yourself, it affects how you relate to others and the standards you set for your life and your heart.
  4. "You have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em." Some people and relationships are worth fighting for and some are not. There are times it's best to walk away and there are times that you have to fight for what you want. If you're unsure, pray for the wisdom to know the difference.
  5. Appreciation goes  a long way. This bears repeating, appreciation goes a long way.
  6. A healthy relationship will add to your growth as an individual.
  7. Real connection requires vulnerability. Being vulnerable is scary for me, but it's been worth the risk. Plus, vulnerability requires courage and authenticity, two qualities I admire and want to embody.
  8. Making a relationship begins with two people making a decision to commit. "You do or you don't, there's no try."
  9. Laughter adds spice to life. Choose someone who you can laugh with and who makes you laugh.
  10. Cliche as it may sound, make communication a top priority in your relationships, and remember to listen. I promise you, the information you learn by listening more will surprise you and may also provide the insights that you need.