12 Items to Update Your Work Closet this Fall

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September always signifies new beginnings for me. Perhaps it's all those years I spent in school, and September marked the begginnig of a new school year, which meant new goals, new friendships and new possibilities.  Although I'm no longer a student, I still look at September as a month to turn a new leaf and begin anew. I usually spend some time at the beginning of the month reviewing wins and accomplishments, thinking about lessons learned from previous challenges and setting new goals. This feeling of newness also extends to my wardrobe and each September I add a few peices to update my work wardrobe.  Below, I've included a few items that can add Fall freshness to your work style this Fall such as a power pant suit, a chic tweed blazer and comfortable yet stylish heels. Enjoy! By the way, what are some of your goals for Septemeber?