Postpartum Fitness Diary: Getting Fit After Baby

Postpartum Fitness Diary: Getting Fit After Baby

It’s been eight months since I gave birth to my bouncing baby boy. In this post I’m providing an update on my postpartum fitness journey as I work towards getting fit after baby. My body nurtured, birthed and nourished (and continues to nourish) a baby, I’m excited to see what this new fitness journey will look like. Read for an update!

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Three Small Lifestyle Changes I Made for Better Health

Three Small Lifestyle Changes I Made for Better Health

As the saying goes, if you really want to change your life, then you should change some of the things you do everyday. Starting my fitness journey inspired me to become healthier in other areas of my life. Since starting my fitness journey, I pay attention to my well-being in other areas of my life.

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How Starting a Fitness Journey Changed my Life

In my first post for the blog in 2017, I spoke about my fitness journey, my fitness goals and the changes that becoming fit  brought to my life. Having started in 2013, I've done this gym thing consistently now for over four years. While meeting my fitness goals and seeing the changes in my body motivate me and fill me with a sense of accomplishment, the most lasting change is that I have become a different person.

I look back at when I started in 2013 and smile with satisfaction at my growth over the last years. I remember that initial trial-and-error period where I worried that I wasn't working out correctly and that I wouldn't make the gains I wanted. At times I wondered if progress come since I wasn't working with a trainer. With time came assurance and confidence and progress. I noticed that I lifted heavier weights overtime, did more challenging exercises, and tweaked my regimen as I gained  more knowledge from experience and hours of research.

 While my outer body changed, I  also experienced an internal change. This journey (like many of life's journeys) changes you. Physically, your body, your tendons, and your muscles change.  With that, I've also become more disciplined, more confident, more in tuned with my body and more committed to my self-care. I started this journey alone, and while there are many people who inspire me, I am my competition. It was up to me to get fit and there's such a great feeling when you know deep down that you did it. That you're capable. 

What were some of your goals for 2017 and how did you go about achieving them?


Gyming it in 2017

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My 2017 Fitness Goals: Healthy Weight Gain and Increased Muscle Mass

My 2017 Fitness Goals:  Healthy Weight Gain and Increased Muscle Mass

Three and a half years ago, I sat in front of my computer, ordered a pair of sneakers, bought a few workout outfits and researched gyms in my area. I remember feeling excited, because all of these things marked the beginning of my fitness journey to healthy weight gain and increased muscle mass. I walked into L.A. fitness with very little knowledge about weight lifting, but I was determined to start.

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Fitspiration: My Instagram Fitness Favorites

I've been working out consistently in the gym for a little over a year now. I owe a large part of my consistency to Instagram Fitness photos. On the days when I don't feel like/want to workout, I go to Instagram and look at fitness photos and videos for inspiration, and it works! Somehow,  the photos and videos  give me the kick I need to make it to the gym. Inspiration is powerful indeed! Below I'm sharing some of my favorite "fitspirations" with you. These ladies inspire me to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Enjoy!  

1. Get Fit With Nic: Nic should be the cover girl for the phrase "you don't need a gym to get/stay fit." She takes fitness everywhere she goes. You will see her working out at home, while she's out with her son, at the Culver City steps (for you L.A. folks) or at the beach.  Most of her exercises involve her body weight or resistance bands. I now plan to purchase resistance bands because of her. They are the perfect equipment for the days you can't make it it to the gym or if you workout outside the gym.

2. Mankofit is fit. Her body epitomizes strength and fitness. I love and enjoy her short yet super effective workout videos that she posts on Instagram. Though her workouts are intense she has a lot of fun doing them, she's always incorporating dance moves at the end of her videos. I have used many of her workouts in my routine by watching her videos. While her fitness photos are inspiring (to say the least) I love that she also has an informative action-packed Instagram page.

4. Natalie Jill Fit: Like Nic, Natalie also performs a lot of her workouts from the comfort of her home. Since working out and healthy eating go hand-in-hand, she also shares healthy recipes and tips on her page.

4. Sherica Holman is fit AND fashionable so if you love both, visit her page! Since I mostly workout at the gym, I like that her videos and photos show her at the gym using equipment I'm familiar with, but she also had videos and photos working out at home and elsewhere. In essence, Sherica is a style and fitness inspiration.