How Starting a Fitness Journey Changed my Life

In my first post for the blog in 2017, I spoke about my fitness journey, my fitness goals and the changes that becoming fit  brought to my life. Having started in 2013, I've done this gym thing consistently now for over four years. While meeting my fitness goals and seeing the changes in my body motivate me and fill me with a sense of accomplishment, the most lasting change is that I have become a different person.

I look back at when I started in 2013 and smile with satisfaction at my growth over the last years. I remember that initial trial-and-error period where I worried that I wasn't working out correctly and that I wouldn't make the gains I wanted. At times I wondered if progress come since I wasn't working with a trainer. With time came assurance and confidence and progress. I noticed that I lifted heavier weights overtime, did more challenging exercises, and tweaked my regimen as I gained  more knowledge from experience and hours of research.

 While my outer body changed, I  also experienced an internal change. This journey (like many of life's journeys) changes you. Physically, your body, your tendons, and your muscles change.  With that, I've also become more disciplined, more confident, more in tuned with my body and more committed to my self-care. I started this journey alone, and while there are many people who inspire me, I am my competition. It was up to me to get fit and there's such a great feeling when you know deep down that you did it. That you're capable. 

What were some of your goals for 2017 and how did you go about achieving them?


Gyming it in 2017

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