My 2017 Fitness Goals: Healthy Weight Gain and Increased Muscle Mass

While the destination may have been what spurred you forward initially, when you arrive at your destination, take a moment to realize that the person who began the journey is not the same person who finished it. The journey, if you allow it to, will change you. The lessons you learn along the way will show you what you are truly capable of, and it is these very lessons that allow us to shed what we thought we might be forever stuck inside and become who we’ve always wanted to become (or didn’t know we could be).

Three and a half years ago, I sat in front of my computer, ordered a pair of sneakers, bought a few workout outfits and researched gyms in my area. I remember feeling excited, because all of these things marked the beginning of my fitness journey to healthy weight gain and increased muscle mass. I walked into L.A. fitness with very little knowledge about weight lifting, but I was determined to start. Since then, working out and getting fit is now an integral part of my lifestyle, not only does it invigorate me physically and also helps me clear my mind and de-stress.

I started this journey on the tail-end of a very stressful and tough period in my life. I had recently graduated law school in a tough job market; I spent months studying for a grueling bar exam; and I had moved 3,000 miles across the country away from everyone and everything I knew for my first post law school job. These transitions came with a hectic schedule, which meant that sometimes I neglected my overall well-being. It was no surprise that a yearly check-up revealed that although I was healthy, I was underweight; the number on the scale was the lowest I had seen in years. As someone who is naturally thin and struggle to gain weight, I knew I needed to take action.

I decided to take my health and fitness into my own hands and gain weight and muscle the healthy way. Fast forward to today, I am stronger, more fit, and more disciplined. In the over three years I've been weight lifting and working out, I've reached personal fitness milestones, I've gained 22 pounds, and I've built a lot of confidence. Not only am I pleased with the physical changes, I am assured that I can achieve anything with hard work, discipline and consistency.

For 2017, I have a few more fitness goals I plan to reach. To begin, I am aiming for more muscle growth, sculpting my lower and upper body and abs by continuing to weight train.  I am also moving toward a cleaner diet and more frequent meal prepping. Make sure you subscribe to the blog as I will continue to share updates on my personal fitness, my healthy weight gain journey and what I'll be doing to increase muscle mass.