Three Small Lifestyle Changes I Made for Better Health


As the saying goes, if you really want to change your life, then you should change some of the things you do everyday. Starting my fitness journey inspired me to become healthier in other areas of my life. Since starting my fitness journey, I pay more attention to my well-being in other areas of my life. I’ve made some major changes since then, but I also made small changes. Below I share three of those small changes that I made on the journey to becoming healthier

  1. Drinking warm water with lemon in the mornings. Lemons are known for their immune boosting properties, they also help with digestion and helps loosen toxins in our bodies. Having warm water with lemon at the start of my day, not only provides much-needed hydration, but I also get the added benefits of the lemons.

  2. Making a vegetable and fruit packed smoothie for breakfast. My breakfast used to mostly consist of a sugar-packed muffin and coffee, which often left me feeling sluggish by noon. I’ve since traded in the muffin for a healthy smoothie, and I notice that I feel better and a lot more energized than before. Along with fruits and vegetables I also add chia seeds and collagen powder for added benefits.

  3. Started using more clean beauty products. In the same way we read the ingredient label on the food we buy, I read the ingredient labels of the beauty products I use. In an effort to minimize the harmful effects of certain ingredients, I opt for cleaner or more natural beauty products for my skincare and beauty routines. My skin and hair love shea butter and coconut oil for example. After experiencing the benefits of both, it’s unlikely that I’ll use anything else on my skin.

What small changes have you made recently that provided some positive benefit to your life?