Ankara Print Skirt for Afro Punk Brooklyn

I found this Ankara print skirt by sheer accident at a local business in Brooklyn.  I am big on supporting small businesses because they’re such an important part of the fabric of a community. When I saw the skirt on display, I walked right inside the store and chatted with the owner for a little bit before purchasing this beautiful skirt, which also came at a great price. I can also find beautiful Ankara print skirts on Amazon liek this circle skirt  and this maxi skirt

I knew I wanted to wear my first Ankara print skirt before the summer ended and with the Afro Punk Festival days away from when I first purchased the skirt, I decided that the high-waist style would go perfectly with a cropped top in a neutral color. Since afro punk is all about self-expression, I also wore a colorful head-wrap that I purchased a few years ago to pull the look together.

I truly enjoyed day 2 of Afro Punk Brooklyn, which delivered great  music, art, style, and energy. 

ankara print