How I'm Taking Care of My Double-Processed Relaxed Hair This Summer



A few weeks ago I got highlights.  I love color and with summer approaching at the time,  I wanted a lighter color. I chose highlights after being inspired by a photo that popped up in my Instagram feed. As a relaxed head, I did not take it lightly that I wanted to add another chemical process to my strands. Double-processed  relaxed hair needs a lot of tender loving care, or else you risk breakage. I did my research and below I'm sharing how I'm caring for my double-processed relaxed  hair.

I deep condition every single week. I never miss a beat with this one. I rotate between a moisturizing deep treatment like Macadamia Nourishing Masque, and a light to medium protein conditioner like, Aphogee Reconstructor. After washing my hair (or getting it washed at a Dominican salon) with Ojon color sustain shampoo, I add the deep conditioner to my strands and sit with it under the dryer for approximately 20 minutes.  Double processed hair requires a lot of conditioning to combat dryness and breakage and to stay in the best shape possible.

I minimize my use of heat. I like the look of freshly flat-ironed hair, but only use my flat iron twice a month. For curlier styles, I use flexi rods nightly to set my hair. Excessive use of heat styling tools can be damaging to any hair, but especially for hair that's in a fragile state such as double-processed hair. 

I moisturize my strands daily with Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine. It's definitely one of the best hair moisturizers that I've ever used. Just a pea sized amounts keeps my hair soft and moisturized. Since I recently suffered from some breakage around my hairline , I'm using Alter Ego Nequal to baby my hairline back to health. 

Those are the steps I take to keep my hair in the most healthiest state possible. How do you keep your hair healthy during the summer months?