How to Dress Like a Modern day Lady

Style is a form of self-expression, and there are numerous ways to express personal style. For me, I like my style to communicate class, elegance and sophistication when possible. Most of my style inspirations: Michelle Obama, Zoe Saldana, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Olivia Pope (Scandal) and Claire Underwood (House of Cards) embody a ladylike style aesthetic. Below I share a few tip on how to dress like a modern day lady.

The Style Aesthetic:

  • A string of pearls or classic everyday jewelry. Pearls are a lady’s best friend, and signature piece for ladylike muses such as Audrey Hepburn. In lieu of pearls you can also go with a sophisticated set of everyday jewelry. One of my previous bosses wore the prettiest set of small diamond earrings, a small silver necklace and a silver watch. She always looked refined and those pieces pulled her look together.

  • Knee length dresses and skirts. You can go with fitted pencil dresses and skirts or figure flattering A line and flared shapes. Knee length skirts and dresses are great for casual, business and elegant occasions. In trend midi skirts and dresses are also classy options.

  • Silk blouses to wear with your skirts.

  • A quality everyday bag. Invest in a durable bag made with quality fabric

  • Classic flats and heels

  • Pretty lingerie

Grooming Philosophy:

The modern day lady takes care of herself and pulls her look together with great grooming:

  • manicured nails

  • groomed eyebrows

  • flattering and tasteful makeup

  • well-maintained hair

  • wrinkle-free clothing tailored to perfection

Brands that give you Modern Day Lady Flair:

  • Zara

  • J Crew

  • Theory

  • White House Black Market

  • Armani

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Club Monaco

  • Calvin Klein

  • Your favorite consignment shops

How do you define ladylike style?