Reflections on My 10 Year College Reunion

This past weekend, I attended my 10-Year College Reunion. I still can't believe it's been 10 years, where did the time go? Below I'm sharing a few thoughts and reflections on lessons I have learned since I graduated from college 10 years ago. Enjoy!

Reaching Your Goals Require Action:

I encourage dreaming and dreaming big, but dreaming alone isn’t enough. Achieving your goals will require you to DO. DO those things afraid if you must.

Be Flexible and Embrace Change:

It’s great to make plans, but when things don’t go exactly as planned, be flexible enough to re-chart your path if needed and embrace the changes that life brings.

Continue Learning and Growing:

I learned a lot of life lessons during college. My professors and peers helped to shape me into the socially conscious woman I am today. My experiences in college strongly influenced my values, worldview and  and my decision to pursue my current career path. I continued to embrace learning after college through a variety of ways including books, films, podcasts, travel and conversations with a variety of people. Continue to feed your mind with thoughts and ideas that open you to greater possibilities.

Do Not Compare, We All Have a Different Path to Walk:

You were born to live one life…YOURS. It’s human nature to measure ourselves against our peers, but resist the temptation when it arises. We are all human beings with our own share of unique challenges despite how “perfect” things look to outsiders. I have learned that defining what success means to me, staying true to my values and practicing gratitude helps me to remain grounded when I'm tempted to compare.

Make an effort to maintain friendships:

During college, I lived on campus with my friends so I saw them almost daily and we created many shared memories. After college as people start their careers, go to grad schools, move to different cities and start families, maintaining friendships will take more  effort. You may not get to see or speak to your friends as much, but there’s nothing like setting aside time in my busy schedule to speak or spend time with some of my "nearests and dearests."

Everyone will not like or accept you, and that’s O.K:

Being overly concerned with what others think of you can stifle your ability to express yourself and achieve social satisfaction. Be kind, but realize that not everyone will agree with or accept you. Be your best self and focus your energy on those who love and accept you. To quote Brene Brown, "Don't try to win over the haters; you are not a jackass whisperer."

Assessment and Growth is Workable, Judging and Deameaning Yourself is Not:

Self-awareness often leads to growth. Asessing your strengths and weaknesses gives you the ability to know what will work for you and your life and also create room for improvement. Becoming more self-aware led to some of the best changes I've made in my life. Nevertheless, self-awareness can create the temptation to judge or demean yourself, recognizing areas of improvement doesn't mean there is something "wrong" with you. It simply means it's a growth area that can lead to a better you. Always remember to be kind and patient with yourself.