RJ's Five Month Update

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My baby boy  is 5 months old. FIVE MONTHS OLD. Where did the time go! RJ’s personality shines through more and more each day. He’s such a happy baby, he laughs a lot and he’s also a determined little guy. I know when he furrows his eyebrows and pushes out his lips that he has made up his mind to accomplish a task. Sometimes that’s pulling a toy that’s hanging from his play gym or trying to bring daddy’s dinner glass to his mouth during dinner. We enjoy watching him discover the world around him. He lights up with joy when he sees his sister, reaches for things that he wants and recently discovered his toes. What is it with babies and their toes? He has the cutest chubby cheeks, which I can’t help but kiss and pinch when he smiles. Also, do you see those dimples!!!

How am I doing? Recently, our family made the decision that I would stay home for now, at least until RJ is a little bit older. It was a complicated decision. I loved my previous role at work  - the intellectual challenge, the advocacy and working with my clients. I became an Attorney, because I wanted to use the law to advocate for folks who are marginalized. My job gave me the opportunity to do just that, it was hard work, but it was fulfilling. Yet, my daily commute from New Jersey to Brooklyn seemed worlds away when we added this tiny adorable person to our family. I am grateful for the time I get to spend with RJ on a daily basis. For now, I wouldn’t change that for the world. Now that he’s a little older and I feel that I’m finally getting in the groove of things (thank God for schedules and routines), I’m planning to join a mom group, get active in a ministry at my church and continue growing my blogs and social media platforms.  

Below is a more in depth snapshot of RJ at five months old:

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Current Routine/Sleep

Nowadays everyone asks me if RJ is sleeping through the night? The answer to that is no. He wakes up 1-2 times per night to eat. During the day, he takes about two short naps. Honestly, he’s never been one for naps even during the newborn phase. For right now, he’s exclusively breastfed, per our Pediatrician’s recommendation, he’ll be starting solids at six months.


  • Music, he loves listen to children’s music on Spotify

  • Sitting on daddy’s lap at dinner time. He wants to be a part of dinnertime conversations

  • When we read his bedtime prayers

  • Looking at books, grabbing toys

  • “Chewing” on any small toy he can get in his mouth. We’re so thankful for Sophie the Giraffe!

  • Playtime with Daddy

  • His toes! He’s constantly pulling his legs up to look at his toes.

  • Relaxing in Mommy or Daddy’s arms

  • Playtime with his sister

  • Going on walks, he loves being outside

  • Reading time. He loves when Mommy reads to him.


  • Being overtired –  He likes to be rocked or nursed to sleep when he’s tired. We make sure to pay attention to his “I’m tired” cues, otherwise it’s a cryfest.

  • Being hungry. He wants his food immediately!

  • Bath time. He’s never been a fan, lol. We’re working on it

  • Sudden loud noises.

  • Being in a swing or a rocker. He’d much rather be in our arms. I recently started wearing him in his Ergobaby Carrier.

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • His chubby cheeks. I never get tired of kissing them!  

  • How excited he gets when he sees his sister, his whole face lights up. He stares at her constantly.

  • Morning snuggles and affirmations with Mommy.

  • How much more playful he is when Daddy is around.

  • Watching him sleep!

  • His baby smell

  • Our bedtime routine. We usually read a prayer from his book of prayers and then I nurse and rock him to sleep

  • His BIG smiles. RJ smiles a lot and I love his happy disposition

5 months RJ.JPG

Thank you so much for reading!