Get Spring Ready: My Spring Beauty Routine

I love the newness and freshness of Spring. The change in the weather and the season always signifies a new beginning for me. With Spring here, I look forward to bringing my best and most vibrant self to everything that I do, and to do that, I've getting ready with my Spring beauty routine, which I'm sharing with you below (as well as some of the products I use to help me get Spring Fabulous). 

I'e been having some of the best skin times lately - no acne, no breakouts, and I'm a happy camper about that. I'll continue using gentle cleansers and my Kiehl's Ultra Moisturizer (It has sunscreen!) and a monthly face mask. It's really all I've been doing, and as the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. " 

As far as makeup goes, I like a cat eye, a pretty blush, and a soft or vibrant lip color. 

I spent my winter continuing to workout in the gym and build muscle. This Spring and Summer, tailored exercises will define my fitness routine as I aim to meet my new fitness goals. I've been eyeing these high waisted leggings by Zella to add to my Spring fitness wardrobe rotation.

I recently ordered these Japanese wash cloths and hear they are THE product to use for baby soft skin. The textured cloths exfoliates dead and rough skin. The cloths along with my Belle Butter body butter will help me to achieve soft, smooth, glowy skin this Spring. 

I've recommitted to paying more attention to my hair's health, and I plan to achieve healthy hair with the Aveda Damage Remedy line. My regimen will include weekly deep conditioning and daily moisturizing. Plus, I just love the smell of Aveda products. Hmnnn!

I'm still looking for my Spring fragrance, for right now, I'm wearing Givenchy Play. I wore it all winter and still enjoy the lovely scent of it. If you do have a perfume you like and recommend for Spring, please share in the comment section.

Pants: Missguided, available  in blue here
Top: Zara
Shoes: Michael Kors