Five Ways My Style Changed Since I Turned 30





Last October, I celebrated my 31st birthday. I entered my 30s more sure of myself and my personal style. In my 20s I enjoyed wearing unique items, vintage avant-garde pieces and  had a lot of fun expressing myself through my style. In my 30s, I now prefer a feminine, sophisticated and polished look. Nevertheless, on the weekends I love wearing a look that's both polished AND playful. Here are five ways my style changed since turning 30:

  1. I started investing in more quality pieces. In my 20s, trendy unique items usually caught my eye, and while they still do, nowadays I hone in on pieces based on their quality, style and longevity. I've learned that having a collection of key quality pieces make for a better wardrobe than a closet filled with trendy items.
  2. I focused on establishing a neutral foundation. As I wrote in this post, neutral pieces go with almost anything, which help me to create multiple different outfits with a few pieces.  I dig a sophisticated look, and lately I find myself drawn to classic pieces in neutral colors so that I can mix-and-match to my heart's content.
  3. I became a bit more conservative. I didn't anticpate this one, but more and more I stray away from clothing that I deem "too short" or "too tight." While I strongly advocate that people should express their style in the way they choose, I find myself feeling more comfortable in clothing that are less revealing. Maybe I am becoming my mother, or maybe it's age, but the midi dress is quickly replacing the mini dress in my closet.
  4. My work wardrobe outgrew my play wardrobe. I spend more time at work than anywhere else. As a result, I find that my work wardrobe is quickly outgrowing my "play" clothing. In fact, more and more I find myself purchasing items I can wear for both work and play.
  5.  I developed a new found appreciation for investment bags and jewelry. Because there's nothing wrong with adding a little luxury to your style and wardrobe!

Has your style changed over the years? What changes have you noticed?