Work Wardrobe: Get a deal!

When I first graduated from graduate school, I shopped many a consignment shop to build my work wardrobe. I scored amazing deals during this time often paying next to nothing for pieces that had the tags still attached. For work, I like brands like Theory, Banana Republic, and Club Monaco, because they often carry quality professional wear. Yet, when you're first starting out, it can take a while to build a solid work wardrobe (two years out and I'm still building mine). Consignment shops and Ebay offer an affordable way to find quality pieces. I found the BCBG blouse I'm wearing on Ebay and  scored the Jean Paul Gaultier skirt brand new at one of my favorite Buffalo Exchanges in L.A. I love a great deal!

Skirt: Jean Paul Gaultier  Blouse: BCBG  Bag: Melie Bianco