wedding guest dress + wedding etiquette

Wedding season is upon us, and as a wedding guest, we often ask ourselves: “What shall I wear?” Many factors influence what we wear to a wedding including the time of the wedding, the dress code the location and the formality of the event. Let the wedding invitation be your guide. I would wear this ASOS yellow maxi dress to a daytime Spring or Summer Wedding. Check out my other choices at the end of this post.

Along with proper attire to ensure you look great for the wedding, I'm also sharing a few wedding guest etiquette practices that will ensure that you are also a great wedding guest. Enjoy!

Wedding Etiquette

1. After you receive your wedding invitation, RSVP as soon as possible. It's important for the host to know how many people to expect for a wedding.

2. Be on time. A wedding does not wait for a guest!

3. Unless your invitation allows a plus one, DO NOT bring a friend, family member or a date who has not received an invitation to the wedding.

4. Out of respect for the bride, do not wear white to a wedding. The bride deserves to be honored on her wedding day as the leading lady in white.

5. Never use your cellphone during a wedding ceremony. Turn your phone off or put it on silent before the ceremony begins.

6. Don't post photos on social media of the bride and groom until you get the go-ahead, or wait until the bride and groom post their first wedding photo.

7. When you accept an invitation to an out-of-town wedding, you also accept the responsibility of your travel and lodging costs. Make those arrangements on your own.

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