Lessons on Love, Life, Courage (and More!) from Oprah's What I Know for Sure

I am a huge fan of Oprah. Her life story, positivity and panache for overcoming obstacles inspire me. I could not wait to get my hands on her book, What I Know For Sure, knowing that it would be filled with life insights and wisdom from a woman I admire. I spent days on my work commute listening to the book on audible, replaying certain chapters so that the lessons would leave a mark. Below, I am sharing some of  the lessons I gleaned from the book. Enjoy!  

The Golden Rule:

"All of our actions both good and bad comes back to us. We receive from the world what we give to the world.Your actions revolve around you as surely as the world revolves around the sun."

Loving yourself Begins with you?

“You have the power to give yourself the love and affection you desire.  See yourself as someone whose life has inherent significance. Bestow love upon yourself.”

The courage to heal:

“Healing the wounds of the past is one of the biggest and most worthwhile challenges of life”

Focus on the Positive:

"The naysayers in your life will never and can never be satisfied. Stop paying attention."

Draw strength from those who came before you:

"Rely on the strength you inherited from those who came before you. When I stand in the world I bring all my history with me."

Receiving Love:

"To know that people care about how you're doing when the doing isn't so good, that is love."

The power of decision:

"Nothing happens until you decide. Once you decide what you want, make a commitment to that decision."

Do it Afraid:

"The true meaning of courage is to be afraid and do it anyway."

Let your light shine:

"You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom to more."

Prioritize Self-Care:

"You need to give yourself moments to rest. A little restoration goes a long way."