The Power of Consistency


I love the start of a new year - the freshness, the promise of new beginnings, the excitement of great possibilities and turning a new leaf. Like a lot of people, I made a few goals for this year. For me, goals are more real when you write them down, so they have been written and available for me to review periodically in order to monitor my progress. For as long as I can remember, I created goals. Its how I tracked my progress and my personal growth. Combining the faith to create goals + the power of consistency almost always resulted in a goal achieved.


Since I already created the goals, this year I'm focusing on consistency. Experience taught me that it's powerful, and without consistent actions goals are simply dreams. Consistent actions (or a lack thereof) can mean the difference between a deposit toward meeting our goals or a withdrawal that can lead to us missing the mark. Whether it's fitness, work, relationships or any other area in our lives, consistency breeds results. Not being consistent means that I am not committed, and for me, I aim to live a life where I'm fully committed to my dreams.

Here's to using consistent actions to achieve our goals and dreams!