Food & Fashion: Brunch in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

I spent the Christmas holidays in Florida with my sister, nephew, brother-in-love and extended family. While I was visiting the Sunshine state, I knew I also had to catch up with one of my BFFs, J, who lives in Orlando. After a night of fun and laughter in South Beach, we decided we wanted to have brunch. For us, brunching is an old-time favorite, something we often did when we both lived in NYC. A Google search and raving Yelp reviews, led us to O-B House, a restaurant in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Upon being greeted warmly by the host, J and I decided to sit outside to enjoy the nice weather. I was surprised to discover (per a note on the menu) that the O-B House is a "no tip" restaurant. The host informed me that the employees are salaried, hence the rule. J and I ordered an assorted breakfast - french toast, pancakes, sausage, eggs and bacon. We wanted the works. Everything (and I mean everything) tasted delicious. I am going to credit that to the quality ingredients. Do you like toast with savory melted butter? creamy well-seasoned scrambled eggs? and freshly made waffles? If you answer yes to any or all of these, then you will like O-B House. Overall, we enjoyed a wholesome and hearty brunch while chatting about our careers, goals, dating, and life in general.


What We Wore

I wore a simple pencil skirt, a blouse and heels

Skirt: Zara  Heels: Express  Top: Random Brand

J opted for a hi-lo maxi skirt, heels, a tee and jean jacket.