10 Truths About Dating in Your 30s

Recently, I asked my friends to share a few of their thoughts about  dating in your 30s. My friends are smart and wise and have tons of life experiences, some are single and dating, in relationships, married, been married and often have a wealth of insight to share. Below my friends and I have compiled a list of our own personal truths about dating in your 30s. To my friends, thank you so much!

Know your self-worth:

No one should be able to love you, like you love you. At the heart of self-love is making peace with who you are flaws and all.

Trust your gut and don’t ignore red flags:

By 30 you should be able to notice negative signs sooner. If it helps, create a list of what would be red flags and be able to identify them during initial interactions and dates. If you ignore your gut or red flags, you could potentially invite unfavorable experiences in your life.

Speak about the things that matter:

Don’t date someone who never wants children or never wants to legally marry if that’s something you want eventually. Do not enter a relationship thinking you can change someone. Communicate openly and honestly.

Stick to your pace and don’t get caught up in everyone else’s social media life:

Just because someone else got engaged or is traveling with their significant other doesn’t mean you need to rush things with your partner.

Dating in your Thirties should be more targeted:

By your 30s you know what you value and desire in a partner.

Ask the Tough Questions:

You need to know your potential partner or partner beyond the shallow details. Develop a friendship by talking about the good and the bad, that’s how you develop true connection and get information that really matters
to you.

The decision of when or if you get married and have children is very personal:

Ignore societal pressures and make the best decisions for YOUR life. At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself and your choices so take as much time as you need to make personal life decisions. Don’t shortchange your life and your ambitions out of fear.

Always bring your true self to the table:

You want someone who not only accepts you, but actually likes you. As cliché as it sounds, be yourself from
day one.

Embrace your power:

Far too many of us live and choose out of fear. Realize that you control who gain access to your life and your heart. Don’t be afraid to powerfully vet  people before you allow access.

Life will always send us the lessons we need to learn:

Some people enter our lives to teach us lessons, pay attention to those lessons.