The Best Career Advice I’ve Ever Received


After spending two years in Los Angeles after law school, I moved back to New York excited to work as an Attorney in my favorite city. At the time, I did not have a job lined up.  I attended a great law school and gained solid work experience during and after law school, but I knew I was about to walk into a competitive and saturated legal market. I knew that I needed to set myself apart from the competition. After all, there’s a running joke that there’s a lawyer on every block in New York City.  The New York Legal Market is competitive for two primary reasons: 1. The East Coast is home to some of the best law schools in the country, and 2. people want to live and work in New York City. Knowing this, I decided that I would broaden my job search to include D.C. since I attended law school there, but in my heart, I knew I wanted to be in New York.

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Shortly after moving back, the calls for interviews began. I remember walking into an interview, surprised to find a panel of attorneys sitting across the table from me. I counted nine people and silently prayed. I interviewed and left.

The very next day, I received a phone call from one of the interviewers who asked if she could share some feedback with me. “Of course,” I replied, grateful for any insights that would help me with my job search.  At first the conversation started off with what I did well and what she liked about my interview. Next, she gave me a few constructive insights. She told me that I sold myself short during my interview. In my interview, I had somehow communicated that I was not confident in my abilities. People with less experience communicated more confidence. Before she got off the phone she said a few words that I will never forget:  “With all your credentials, your accomplishments and your experience, walk into the interview room knowing that you belong there.”

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I thanked her profusely and thought about what she said. I was not aware that I had been downplaying myself and my accomplishments. Using her feedback, I developed a strategy. I had another interview the next day with another organization. I walked into that interview confidently and rocked it. I would get a job offer the next day!

Today I have a mantra.” I am the daughter of the King. I belong here. I will rock this.” Confidence is so important.  Walk in your power, your gifts and your accomplishments. To date, this feedback stands as the best career advice I’ve ever received. Yet, I don’t only apply to my career, I apply it to other areas in my life especially when I’m feeling particularly challenged.

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What about you, what is the best career/life advice you’ve ever received?

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