Five Ways to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

Spring Transition Style

I bought this dress during a Zara Sale this past winter but never got around to wearing it in the wintertime. Nevertheless, I like it as a winter to spring transition piece. It’s sleeveless, so it’s easy to layer another piece underneath. Since it’s early spring and still relatively cool, here are five ways that you can transition your winter wardrobe into spring:

  1. Layer your winter sweaters over a pretty spring dress

  2. Pair winter’s ankle boots with spring outfits. I love the look of a pretty floral dress and ankle boots.

  3. Do what I did with this look and add a layer under your dresses: crisp button down shirts, turtlenecks, bodysuits and long sleeve tops. You have plenty of options!

  4. Pair over-the-knee boots with spring skirts.

  5. Have fun with mixing fabrics like paring winter wool with lighter fabrics such as silk

spring lipstick-2.jpg

wool dress winter to spring transition
wool dress 7-2.jpg

Dress: Zara
Bag: LV Speedy 30, available here
Shoes: Mark Fisher
White Bodysuit: Missguided, available here